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Welcome to the Lexicon of the King Beast!


Hi, I'm sssssz, here to host some of the hottest porns you've ever seen! Are you rea- Wait, not this one.


This is a wiki dedicated to a lexicon project focusing on the universe of Type-Moon. What it is and stuff can be found in TehRules page. (And etc explaining stuff and all.)


As of now (now being December 22nd, 2005) I think about half of the stuff is now here. (Far from ready though (insert a silly emoticon here).) Sezzy is now stealing the stuffs from The Moonlit World. Every canon material will be from that site for the sake of fairness (some from the board and my ass head or hard drive though,) assuming that all participators will be from the good forum Beast's Lair.


The project is put on an indefinite hold until the Project of the King Beast is finished. Just saying so... uh... whatever. (2006/02/18)


General Introduction

  • WhatWikiIs - history and explanation
  • WikiStyle - find out how to edit wikis
  • SandBox - play around here to figure out how to edit wiki pages


The Beast's Lexicon

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