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Auspicious Writings of Notations of Patterns Uncalculatable


Leave random comments here (even if I said random, trying to stick to matters related to the wiki is better. The randomest comments belong to the Seventh Dimension.) - sssssz, who isn't even sure what "auspicious" means.


Oh! Learned something nifty! It could be used to rank articles and stuff.

Here's a tip from Larry in the forums.

Over the years I developed a simple shorthand method to mark sections within my files that I want to find fast. I use "plus" symbols.

Let me explain: As you add pages and data to your PBwiki it may get harder to find things, particularly if you work on a number of projects at the same time.

I mark my "Hot" entries, or a section of a page I want to find quickly with a variation of a priority scheme. I use two to five + signs, as in +++++. The more plus signs, the higher the priority.

Then I use the PBwiki search box to find them.

The cool thing is you can copy the resulting URL of the PBwiki search and save it as a link in the SideBar (or elsewhere). It a makes finding things a little faster.

So, for example, I could write </++> somewhere in a page ( makes ++ invisible,) and I search for ++. And et cetera. - sssssz

Wait... No, + sign doesn't work. Maybe percent sign maybe? - sssssz

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